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Triathlon Sunday October 16 – Outreach Activities

The 2016 Rockwall Triathlon once again isolates our church on Sunday October 16 so we have a worship service at Rock Ridge Assisted Living at 9:30, followed by three Outreach projects.

The first Outreach project is with Women in Need to build a raised garden behind their building’s “relaxing area” using materials they have purchased with a local grant.  This project will be in 3 Phases:  a pre-work Saturday preparing the ground and setting posts, Triathlon Sunday building the raised garden retainer, and finally a post-Triathlon phase of filling the garden with soil.

The second is to tend to the Rockwall Animal Shelter’s animals for up to 5 volunteers.  Each volunteer will have to fill out a form and send it to the shelter before that Sunday.

The third is to clean out and sort items in the Boys & Girls Club temporary storage container at Dobbs Elementary School.


Posted in All News on October 11, 2016.

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