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Irons Filings October 2, 2017

This Irons Filing is a collection of several thoughts on upcoming events:

Everything I hear about the demise of the church in the American culture these days centers on the perception that church people are too focused on themselves and their institution.  They are not concerned enough on the needs of the community around them.  What non-churched people are looking for are churches who live up to the Bible’s call to serve one’s neighbor.  They are looking for avenues to serve in meaningful ways and they are much more inclined to join a church which asks them to join in serving over those churches which ask them to join in order to serve on a committee.

So, we are doing just that on Sunday, October 15 when the national Triathlon in Rockwall impedes access to our building for Sunday morning worship.  We are taking our worship service at 10:00am to Rockridge Assisted Living and Memory Care at 720 E. Ralph Hall Parkway in Rockwall.  Wear your First Christian Church shirts because afterward, we are breaking up to do service at different sites around town:   The Boys and Girls Club, Rockwall Nursing Care Center, Women in Need and Patriot Paws.  Right now, there are not enough signed up on the office door for any of them except Rockwall Nursing Care Center.  With enough bodies, it shouldn’t take more than two hours at any site.  I am urging the work groups to gather for a lunch fellowship after the work so they can reflect on what they’ve done.  As I said above, this is not merely busy work.  This is evangelism in its most pure and contemporary form.  This is the gospel at work!

On another issue, this is the week the majority of the Nobel Prizes are being awarded.  They are given in a variety of fields.  I believe they reflect the best in God’s creation and deserve to be covered in sermons.  The first Nobel Prize was awarded today in Physiology and Medicine.  The award was given to three scientists who found cellular evidence of circadian rhythms in human beings.  Thus the texts for this Sunday are Psalm 103:1-13 and Ecclesiastes 31-8 and the Sermon Title is:  “Science Agrees, There is a Time.”  I need your help.  As the Nobel Prizes are awarded, please reflect on them with the lens of your faith and share any reflections or comments you might have on them.  This should be a really fun worship series!

See you Sunday, if not before.

Grace & Peace,


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